About Mafia Secrets

Mafia Secrets

Skin Mafia has been created so that beauty clinics around Australia can offer on trend, safe and results driven masks for their clientele.

Each Mask deliver different results depending on the skin type and what your client is wanting to achieve. Our team have carefully chosen products and ingredients that are safe for the skin definitely not tested on animals.

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What does this mean for your Salon?

I am glad you asked! We all know that each skin treatment is performed with a standard and basic mask right?

A jelly mask is not only a treatment in itself with its high performing ingredients but is an amazing upgrade for your salon. Applying the mask is easy and it doesn’t add any more time to your treatment so you are not losing out on time.

Clients love theatre-like and on trend treatments they see on their social media pages and with our Jelly Masks, that is exactly what they will get, along with the powerful effects of the ingredients from our masks. It’s really a win, win situation.

You can be sure that we source and offer your clinic the very best on trend and result driven treatments.

Skin Mafia is a WA owned company and offer wholesale accounts with further discounts and onsite training. Simply sign up through our contact us page and we will contact you very soon.

All natural ingredients to satisfy even the hardiest of mafiosos

Natural products are gentle and kind on the skin as they don’t contain hard, astringent ingredients. Our products contain no harsh ingredients and are designed to improve the appearance of the complexion, and feel more luxurious for your clients. Bonus is that they smell incredible, thanks to power of natural plants and flowers they contain!